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About CollectorDASH

The CollectorDASH platform enables communities of collectors. Through integration of social, mobile and ecommerce technologies, DASH engages its collector users through its innovative user experience.

Project Brief

CollectorDASH provides a sophisticated web application for each collector community that allows a collector to completely manage their collection, including buying, selling and trading collectibles in a marketplace. The web application did not work well on a mobile device. Additionally, one of the problems of adding items to a collection is taking photos of the item.


I built a custom iPhone application for CollectorDASH that incorporated many configuration options so that I could easily build a new version of the application for each separate CollectorDASH community. The first two communities each had their own custom iPhone app: Action Figures and Model Trains. I took advantage of the iPhone camera to allow the user to take photos of their collectibles and upload them to the CollectorDASH server.

Here are some screen shots from the Action Figures application:


The custom iPhone app was written in Objective-C using Xcode.

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