Why Hire Mark?

I have broad experience.

I have been producing commercial-grade software products for 30 years. In those years, I have learned what it takes to ship a new product.

I’ve worked in a variety of positions: software developer, project manager, product manager, business development manager, QA manager. I’ve run big teams and small including running teams of outsourced contractors distributed globally and domestically.

I’ve produced software for:

  • helicopter auto-pilot systems
  • medical devices
  • personal computer motherboards (BIOS)
  • mobile devices (IOS, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian)
  • Windows desktops
  • internet browsers
  • linux servers

I focus on outcomes.

What outcomes are you focusing on? If you are in the business of producing and selling a software product, then you are focused on getting your product into your customer’s hands.

That’s where I come in. I help small and emerging businesses produce software products.

I focus on what’s required to get the product out the door. This requires careful editing of the feature wish list. It requires careful prioritization of what needs to be in V1 and what can wait until V2. It requires making hard choices that will make it possible to get the product into your customer’s hands. Do you have a prioritized list of User Stories ready for a development team to implement?

I run lean.

When you hire me, you’re not hiring a huge company of people. I run with low overhead, so you’re not paying indirectly for a lot of people that won’t add any value to your product.

I build teams based on needs.

I build virtual teams based on what is needed by the client. Rather than trying to make every product use the same team, I build the team based on the needs of the client.

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