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About GoDeep Mobile

GoDeep Mobile provides performance management tools to coaches of college and professional football teams.

Project Brief

The client needed a tablet-optimized application that a coach could use to grade a player’s performance during a game or practice. The client was not sure which tablets would be used by the coaches, so we needed to support iPads, Android tablets, and Windows Surface tablets.

Due to the sports-team focus of the project, we had a fixed timeframe - we needed to have the product in production before the football season began in fall. This timeframe did not allow us to create a native application for each one of the 3 platforms, so we needed to be able to support all of the platforms with a single application.

I decided to create a single mobile-responsive web application that could be optimized for iPad-class tablets, yet run on other less-popular tablet platforms. Being responsive, the web interface automatically adjusted for different tablet dimensions and orientations.


I built a client proof of concept using Ember.js. Then I designed the overall system architecture, hired a team of contract developers, and lead the implementation. We released the V1 product in time for the fall 2015 season.

The following screen shots show the richness of the unique user interface.

GoDeep Dashboard
GoDeep Grade Game
GoDeep Player Info


We built a custom web server that exposed a RESTful API using Node.js + Express + LoopBack + redis + PostgreSQL.
We built a custom single page application (“SPA”) client with Ember.js.

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Client's Remarks

“Mark is a very intelligent and knowledgeable guy, and a nimble partner in the rapid-fire world of software startups. He can work with shifting requirements and evolving technologies and keep the project focused on its most critical mission. With us, Mark was able to vet and build a team of great developers, guide them to solutions that served our core business, and drive development to delivery of our product in a timely manner. Highly recommend him.”

Mike D’Emilio, CEO/Founder of GoDeep Mobile

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