Contract Software Development Services

Before you hire a software development company,
talk to me.

If you talk to me, I will tell you about Rochelle, who spent $100K on contract software developers to build a new software product, and could not ship it because it was not what she asked for.

You can ask me about Joe, whose contract developer could not finish the job.

And I can tell you about Darren, who spent several years outsourcing a product, and still had nothing that he could sell.

These stories are common. I talk to entrepreneurs and small business owners every week who tell me the same thing.

If you don’t know how to build software using contract developers, you are likely to fail.

As a business owner, “failure to launch” is the worst possible outcome. If you don’t ship the product, you don’t get the revenue. if you don’t ship the product, you don’t win the customer. If you don’t ship the product, you don’t build the business.

Talk to me about how I build software products. I’ll tell you about:

  • how I use Lean Startup techniques to formulate hypotheses about your target market and then test those hypotheses;
  • how I use Agile Methodologies to build software iteratively;
  • how I use strategic outsourcing to deliver marketable software reliably and quickly within a reasonable budget using contracted resources;
  • how I avoid failure to launch.

I can tell you about Mike, who followed my advice and launched his version 1 product into the market on time.

I can tell you about my time at Nokia, where I reduced our device software testing time from 30 days to 2 days.

If you are considering using contract software developers to build your product, please talk to me first. I will help you build a hybrid team of local and remote developers that will deliver a successful outcome.

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