If you have a vision for a new software product,
I can show you a path to realize that vision.

I provide fractional / on-demand product and technology leadership services in Atlanta to non-technical entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. I apply my broad experience to drive the development and launch of software products and services.

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Examples of My Work

You can see more of my work on my general portfolio page. If you're interested in mobile apps, you can see them on my mobile portfolio page. You can also see some web application examples on my web app portfolio page.

GoDeep Mobile
Performance Management for Sports Teams

The GoDeep Mobile Application is a web application that helps football coaches grade film, communicate grades and coaching notes to players, and analyze player performance with a very high level of precision.

Domino Solutions
Interim CTO

I served as the fractional/interim CTO for Domino Solutions. A key deliverable of my tenure was in the selection and integration of a Business Intelligence solution into their enterprise marketing web application.

Areas of Expertise

  • MVP's & Prototypes

    I use rapid prototyping tools and techniques to quickly show a working concept.

  • Agile and Lean

    I use modern Agile and Lean Startup methodologies to build modern web apps, mobile apps, and API servers.

  • Building Software

    I build custom web apps and mobile apps starting from conception thru all development phases of software development into production.

  • Building Teams

    I build and scale multi-disciplinary teams including employees, contractors, and outsourcing partners.

  • Interim CTO

    I lead, transform, and optimize entire R&D organizations.
    Development • QA • DevOps • Product Management

  • Outsourcing Mgt

    I create force multipliers using strategic outsourcing while protecting intellectual property and core skills.

Let's Talk

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